Before sending the final print data on printing plates it is always recommended to do ferro or dummy proofing. The final data is send to a proofing machine with low inking just for an idea to see any Moire pattern, font mismatch issue , to see the printing cut marks , L marks and actual
Plate sized image which is going for the final prints. This process will reduce the cost of plate rejections and pain of printing the entire job again which involves
Cost and labour.

The prints are done on Map Litho rolls or customers can use any reel ends.

Though few Print marks are also checked like :-

1. Crop Marks (trim marks)
These are fine horizontal and vertical lines placed at the corners of your piece of artwork, it indicate where to trim your finished project so nothing important is affected and cut off the final finished piece.
2. Registration Marks
These target looking marks sit outside of the page area and they accurately align the printing plates on top of each other.
Registration marks will appear on each plate, and they should be aligned to overlap perfectly for quality results.

Before printing JOBS reference for layout & design

Printing defects

As the world’s first original ink tank professional graphics printers, the SureColor™ B-Series offers fast and precise printing for indoor signage , Dummy / Ferro printing.Built up with a high-capacity 1.5 litres ink tank & genuine Epson Inks, you can  print Ferro’s or rough proofs at the lowest running cost.

With lowest Running Cost in its Class now experience high-quality printing at  Rs. 2 per sq foot .

The easy-to-refill ink tank comes with a high capacity of 1.5 litre per colour & amp; specially designed to help you achieve high quality and continuous high-volume printing for long.

Highest Productivity in its Class The Micro Piezo TFP print head with 720 nozzles for each colour delivers precise, super-fast printing.

B  6070 T 5270
Technology Dye Base Pigment base
Speed 30 sec for A0 50 sec for A0
Per Square foot cost Rs. 2 Rs. 17
Colors 4 5

Designed for Ease-of-Use
The SureColor SC-B6070 is built with a sturdy, ergonomic design with smart features that make it a breeze to operate and maintain in busy work environments.

Easy Ink Replacement
The ultra high capacity 1L ink packs eliminate the need for frequent ink cartridge replacements. The ink tank system is fully integrated into the printer design and is easy to refill.

Easy Roll Media Loading
Thanks to a jack at the rear, loading a new roll is a one-person job. Media tensioning can be controlled easily from front or back of the printer for speedier set-up to maximise productivity. 'Auto Tension Control' and three platen gap settings ensure accurate and efficient media feeding for reliable and continuous printing.

On-the-Fly Paper Feed Adjustment
A short-cut button on the control panel lets users correct the paper feed even while printing is in progress, thereby reducing print wastage.


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