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ISO 12647-7, the Digital proofing Standard has changed the traditional Proofing concept by whole in nature replacing the flat-bed proofing system. This has happened due to continuous improvement of proofing software and Inkjet printers to meet the Various Industry standards like Fogra and GRACoL.


What is proof printing?

Print shops print in huge volumes, with print runs ranging from many thousands to many millions of prints, so mistakes are not an option. For this reason, test prints are taken to check and correct color to ensure that they are accurate before production printing takes place. These test prints are called “proofs.” A contract proof usually serves as an agreement between the customer and printer and as a color reference guide for adjusting the press before the final press run.


Newspapers Proofing

Newsprint proofing is the most cost-effective way of obtaining a visual copy of a press release, article, or advertisement, without the expense of creating an actual press proof. Press time is the most expensive part of print media. The main objective of proofing is to produce a hard copy of what the final product will look like on press though it also helps the pressman getting a reference.


Commercial offset Proofing

Proofing will help the client evaluate the images or ads before going into actual production. We use EFi Color Management RIP for proofing solutions. The Epson Sure Color Printers helps us produce a wide gamut of colors. The primary goal of ‘proofing‘ is to serve as a tool for customer verification that the entire job is accurate.


Packaging Proofing 

White plays a vital role in printing on transparent films, such as those used for labels on plastic bottles and bags for snack foods. A layer of white ink has to be laid down first on these films before other colors are added so that background colors are not visible and so that the printed colors look good. Epson entered the package printing industry and made a big splash by developing a ground-breaking product: a water-based white ink that can conveniently and inexpensively be used for printing proofs on transparent films.



EFI Features:-

-Color Manager
-Color Verifier
-Spot Color
-Color Profiler
-Proofing media

1. Extreme Color Accuracy
2. Intelligent Color Calibration
3. Automatic Color Optimate with 3CC Technology
4. Automatic Proof Verification Even for Spot Colors!
5. Enhanced Spot Color Simulation with Violet ink
6. Handles Virtually Every File Format Even One-Bit TIFF
7. Easy to Use
8. Faster Processing Times
9. Powerful Color Adjustment Technology
10. OGV support for Pantone colors

EFI offers various Proof substrates according to Digital proofing standards ranging from SWOP to Fogra. Proofing software like EFI colorproof XF bundle with various Paper profiles whether it is EFI or Epson which are certified EFI’s certified digital proofing media carries Fogra watermark and maintains Delta value of 1.5 across the surface.



 Proof Certification

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