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Digital Proofing Solutions

ISO 12647-7, the Digital proofing Standard has changed the traditional Proofing concept by whole in nature replacing the flat-bed proofing system. This has happened due to continuous improvement of proofing software and Inkjet printers to meet the Various Industry standards like Fogra and GRACoL.

When we thought of bringing the digital proofing solution for our prestigious customers who are into delivering the best in turn to their customers there was nothing better than the combination of EPSON and EFI for the following reasons:

1. Extreme Color Accuracy

With the wide color gamut of Epson UltraChrome HDR ink technology, EFI has optimized the entire color management system, while utilizing Epson’s unique Orange and Green inks. The result? Quite possibly the most color-accurate RIP ever developed for an Epson Stylus Pro printer.

2. Intelligent Color Calibration

Taking full advantage of the optional in-line spectrophotometer - Epson SpectroProofer, EFI automatically checks both printer linearization and ink limiting to ensure consistent color performance over time. Regardless of changes in printer ink, media, or environment, EFI can quickly bring your printer back into colorspecification automatically.

3. Automatic Color Optimization with 3CC Technology

Everyone knows how powerful the latest in Three-dimensional Color Correction files can be. But creating and maintaining them can take days of expensive personnel time. EFI has not only perfected the math behind 3CC files, but has made their creation completely automatic. With just a few simple clicks, Epson SpectroProofer will aggressively color-optimize any workflow, reducing the overall Delta-E to levels of color accuracy previously not possible.

4. Automatic Proof Verification Even for Spot Colors!

With Epson SpectroProofer, EFI has automated the individual proof verification process. Not only can you verify every proof using up to two different industry standard color charts, but with EFI DynamicWedge™ technology, one of the verification bars can be automatically created using the exact colors within the file itself. And, with Automatic Proof Verification Labeling printed right on the proof, verifying 100% of your proofs is now a reality.

5. Enhanced Spot Color Simulation

Even for challenging spot colors, EFI has designed a new spot color management system, which automatically identifies the ideal output values to provide dead-on spot color accuracy. And, with complete support for custom spot colors, including transparencies and gradation curves, the most demanding spot color jobs can be proofed accurately.

6. Handles Virtually Every File Format Even One-Bit TIFF

Regardless of the workflow you're using today, as your client's needs change, you can rest assured your proofing system will handle it. From the standard TIFF, EPS and PS, to the latest in PDF and JDF workflows, EFI has complete compatibility. And, with EFI's standard OneBit TIFF support, you can produce reliable, high-quality screen proofs that are truer to your final press sheet.

7. Easy to Use

To create a true workflow-based RIP, we've simplified the entire RIP interface. Setup and maintenance of multiple workflows have been streamlined. Every interface feature is logically laid out for quick, error-free adjustments. And, we've developed both the server and client software compatible with the latest operating systems, including Windows® 2003 and Windows 2008 Server, Windows XP, Windows Vista®, and even Apple® Macintosh® OS 10.5.

8. Faster Processing Times

By fully utilizing multiple processor technologies throughout the RIP workflow, EFI has dramatically improved the overall time it takes to process and print complex files. And, when combined with our latest Epson Stylus Pro 900 Series printers, overall proof productivity is greatly improved.

9. Powerful Color Adjustment Technology

In the unlikely event the automated color management and optimization technologies don't match your press sheet, rest-assured you still have powerful Plate Curve and Visual Compensation color adjustments to fine tune the color any way you wish.

10. Flexible License Codes

After purchasing any new Proofing Edition Series product, if you wish to run multiple Epson Stylus Pro 7900 and or 9900 printers from a single RIP Server, you can simply purchase an additional Epson Proofing Edition Series License Code to unlock this feature. This flexible license code strategy dramatically lowers your total cost of ownership by allowing you to configure up to four Epson Stylus Pro 900 series printers per RIP Server.

EFI ColorProof XF

The EFI Colorproof XF with a lion share of installations in proofing segment supports maximum numbers of Output devices, Proof media and various industry standards. The EFI Colorproof XF is based on the est color Engine to support ICC based proofing solution. EFI Colorproof XF is a client-server architecture product which is scalable to any format moving from Professional Photographer - Process House - Publishing firm. EFI’s flexible scalable format allows the user to choose the products he will be using, and provides option to add-on whenever there is a need. This feature gives the independence and decreases the cost of ownership. Various EFI options including Product Options:

Color Manager

Printer option - M, XL and XXL

Color Verifier


Spot Color

File Export



Dot Creator






Epson Printer Models

ndustry’s synonym of Digital Proof is Epson. Epson strived to attain this position with progressive improvement of its technology, whether it is Print Engine or Ink. Epson Drop-ondemand technology gives sharpest dots. Epson MicroPiezo AMC & TFP Print Head Technologies offer smallest Drop with Variable sized Droplet Technology. The current Pigment based Epson Ink with vivid Magenta and K3 cover SWOP, GRACoL, ISO gamuts and also Pantone & Hexachrome print systems to cater proofing needs.

Epson is available in various sizes range of Printers

Epson 4880


Epson 7880/7900


Epson 9880/9900


Epson 11880


Proofing Substrates:

EFI offers various Proof substrates according to Digital proofing standards ranging from SWOP to Fogra. Proofing software like EFI colorproof XF bundle with various Paper profiles whether it is EFI or Epson which are certified EFI’s certified digital proofing media carries Fogra watermarkand maintains Delta value of 1.5 across the surface.

GRACoL & SWOP Certifications

EFI CertProof Paper 6225XF Semimatt
EFI Certified 4245 Press Proof Paper Semimatt
Fogra Certifications
EFI Gravure Proof Paper 4245 Semimatt
EFI Offset Proof Paper 9200
EFI proofing paper semimatte 425

EFi Color Verifier:

The Color Verifier Option guarantees customer quality assurance by enabling employees anywhere to work with the ame colors to produce identical color output every time. The flexible option also supports a variety of measuring devices and control strips and allows you to check your results gainst ISO standards, set your own quality standards, and define the individual value tolerances or the average for all values. It also cuts your distribution costs by serving as a reliable remote proofing tool.

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