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SoftProofing Solution With Veripress and Eizo

Veripress is an on-press softproofing system representing the next generation in digital proofing.
Built around an advanced colour management system with a touch screen interface, Veripress uses platesetter RIP data to produce verified colour-matched proofs on screen, at the touch of a button. In an era where the productivity demands of high volume press environments mean less time available for hardcopy proofs, softproofing is the logical solution.

Fast, cost efficient and easy to use, Veripress ensures proofs are ready on the press as soon as the plates arrive.
TheVeripress range has integrated proofing solutions suited to any production and press workflow. 
Press versions can read the native file format, directory structure, plate assembly and imposition data of all major manufacturer proprietary RIPs. All packages accept file input across the following formats: TIFF, JPEG, PNG, Scitex CT, SerendipityBlackmagic Image.

VeripressPro The complete softproofing solution for the colour-savvy press room. Designed for the challenges of press and publishing environments, Veripress Pro accepts all supported file formats and is fully optioned to provide streamlined, print-free proofing for a vast array of Bitmap and Postscript RIPs. Touch screen control, press console synchronisation and publication planning file support maximise production output and keep presses rolling.

VeripressLite Veripress for press rooms requiring precision softproofs for imagesetter and platesetterRIPs. Integrated RDT (Real Dot Technology) displays softproofs with original halftone screening. Press ICC matching with press and platesetterdotgain compensation combine with print media simulation to ensure colour accuracy. VeripressLite has all of the features of Pro, for non-postscript workflows.

VeripressBureau Perfect for pre-press design and advertising studios needing to proof postscript work for publication. 
Veripress Bureau has all the functionality of Pro, for a PDF-only environment. VeripressRemote Veripress Remote allows for the softproofing of jobs sent from a Veripress server anywhere in the world. Serendipity's proprietary Blackmagic Image format maintains total data integrity to ensure offsite locations view identical colour-matched proofs.

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