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Why Mac? It’s gorgeous-inside and outside. With every Apple you get the world’s most powerful operating system. Since the software and hardware on every Mac is from the same company that makes the Mac itself, you get a completely stable computer that is as secure, stable and powerful as it is elegant and easy to use. A Mac has all essentials built right in, including automatic protection from PC viruses, the latest wireless technology, advanced Intel chips and a rock solid operating system that’s loaded with innovations.

The Eizo Nanao Group has built up a range of key technologies to advance the company’s core competences in the development of imaging equipment such as computer monitors.. Products such as our FlexScan® high-quality LCD monitors deliver a high degree of added value. To meet the exacting requirements of the medical market, Eizo have developed RadiForce® medical display monitors; and for the demanding graphics market, ColorEdge® calibratable LCD monitors. These examples show how we are able to clearly differentiate EIZO from its competitors.

Epson’s range of large format printers leads the way in high quality color and black & white printing. Designed with professional users in mind, each large format printer is precision built to deliver; the highest image quality possible at lightning fast print speeds, while powerful mediahandling functionality and innovative production features maximize productivity and quality. Epson large format printers are best for Proofing, Photography and Fine Art Segments with its unmatched quality.

TECHKON is a provider of high-precision spectro-densitometer process control solutions for commercial printers. Our solutions substantially reduce, and in many cases virtually eliminate, the need to absorb the enormous cost of rejected print jobs and missed customer deadlines caused by subjective color shift, dot gain issues, or plates that run with the wrong compensation curves. Our user-friendly quality control solutions streamline your pre-press and print processes significantly improving productivity by up to 40% and the added assurance of increased accuracy and reliability for each press run. Increased productivity and better uptime for the press equals significant cost savings.

EFI™ is a leader in digital print. Offering value-added combinations of hardware, software and consumables, the company is driving the print industry’s transformation from analog to digital color. EFI’s robust product portfolio includes Fiery® digital color print servers; VUTEk® superwide digital inkjet printers, UV and solvent inks; Rastek™ UV wide-format inkjet printers; Jetrion® industrial inkjet printing systems; print production workflow and management information software; and corporate printing solutions.

PressSIGN standard shows the operator how to adjust the density settings to hit the Lab targets and how to adjust the plate curve. pressSIGN-Pro shows the user how to adjust individual ink keys across the press sheet using a variety of different scanning spectrophotometers. Full trend analysis from gathered data enables comparison of presses, operators make-ready times and much more. Multiple presses can feed one pressSIGN database.

Serendipity Blackmagic, the company's flagship product, provides true ROOM (rip once output many) workflow by producing digital proofs from post-ripped (bitmap) data. Serendipity Blackmagic incorporates some of the company's innovations such as RDT (Real Dot Technology) which produces digital proofs containing the same dots produced by the imagesetter/platesetter RIP. It also incorporates our de-imposition technology which allows de-imposing and proofing full size impositions on any digital proofer, no matter how small.

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