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BODONI'S SOFTWARE: In order to help printers and designer's achieve the ISO standards on the press and on the proofing devices RSG Solutions have a tie up with UK based leading color management consultant. Press Sign and Proof Sign are the products respectively for quality measurement on the press and on the Digital Proof respectively. WE are also promotion Bodonis InkWIZE software for using ink consumption on the press while maintaining color integrity.


VIEW SIGN is the monitor evaluation that assesses the display inline with the ISO 12647 printing standard. VIEW SIGN test the calibrated color on the monitors and gives a percentage pass. VIEW SIGN test the monitor as you test your hard proof you can attach the digital signature to the PDF just as you add a verification label the to the hard proof.

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Proof SIGN

Proof sign is a fast and easy proof verification application one can measure and evaluate proof quickly and easily with proof sign against the latest ISO 12647-7 proofing standard print the supplied control strips or FOGRA media wedge with the job and measure with spectrophotometer, software will evaluate the results and you can print on the label and attach to the proof.

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Press SIGN

The drive to ISO standard in printing is coming as a result of globalization with multinational demanding. Their demands have identical visual cues wherever they are printed. PRESS SIGN PRO measures and controls the printing process for up to six colors to ensure accurate colors on the press. The different target standards like ISO values are built-in the software. Just select the standard on which you want to target and it will give you the report accordingly and help to maintain and achieve ISO and different printing standards.

INK-WISE: Bodoni's InkWIZE is unrivalled software for reducing ink consumption while maintaining the color integrity. ink-wise uses the latest device link and GCR technologies in a PDF hot folder workflow. InkWIZE covering files to a standard printing condition such as FOGRA 39L and reduced total ink coverage in one operation that takes seconds.

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