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Growing customer expections, shorter throughput times and rising time and cost pressures are typical in the graphic arts industry. EFI Colorproof XF offers you an unbeatable system for proofing, large- format production, and photographic printing, enabling you to meet these challenges head-on. You benefit from the tried-and-tested color management of best color technology, combined with maximum flexibility, integration, and productivity. Boost customer satisfaction, optimize your workflow and save time and money.

Product Options

Output Options

  • Color Manager Option
  • Color Verifier Option
  • Dot Creator Option
  • OneBit Option
  • Production Option
  • Spot Color Option
  • Output Options M, XL and XXL
  • Fiery Option
  • File Export Option
  • Gravure Option

EFI Color Proof XF

EFI Colorproof XF is an innovative Solution based on industry standards. Color management, for example, is based on the open ICC standard. it is thus compatible with other ICC-based applications and enables ICC profiles to be exchanged with partners and customers.

The client-server architecture makes Colorproof XF the perfect solution for customers of all sizes since installation can be performed at a single workstation or on the network and can be extended at any time. With its extremely high flexibility, including for the platform and output devices, colorproof XF allows you to combine the mac and windows systems and supports a veriety of inkjet, laser and LED printers.

  • Is a Flexible Cross-Platform Client/Server Application
  • Supports Industry Standards for Greater Flexibility
  • Achieves Accurate Results Every Time with Breakthrough Color Technology
  • Adapt to Specific Job Color Requirements with the Dynamic Wedge
  • Get the Closest Match to the Final Run
  • Offers Fully Automated and Remote Proofing Workflow for Quicker Turnaround
  • Achieves Maximum Productivity with Comprehensive Production Features
  • Streamlines Workflow Using Other Leading EFI Solutions
  • Comes in Modular Concept to Provide Maximum Flexibility
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Color Verifier : for Proof Certification

The Color Verifier Option guarantees customer quality assurance by enabling employees anywhere to work with the same colors to produce identical color output every time. The flexible option also supports a variety of measuring devices and control strips and allows you to check your results against ISO standards, set your own quality standards, and define the individual value tolerances or the average for all values. It also cuts your distribution costs by serving as a reliable remote proofing tool.

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