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Company Profile

RSG, Formed in year 1997, with the highest of ethical standards and pure dedication to excellence in all operational aspects, we aspire to exceed our customer’s expectations. RSG has brought the latest products and technologies in the field of Print, Video, Broadcast and IT consumer electronics.

Change is nature of the world and it is a continuous process. Printing Industry has welcomed this change with open arms and it is the frontrunner to digitize the entire process. Based on Process the printing was divided into three verticals Pre-press, Printing and Post-press. Digitization merged these into single unit and gave an advantage of Print Predictability. RSG Solutions Pvt. Ltd., With a knowledge of various Printing ISO Standards provides solutions to the printing fraternity and helping them to compete with international market. RSG brings industry tried and tested technologies to this part of the world and it is known for Relationship, Service and Guidance.

RSG is working in the printing industry for more than a decade and is known in this segment for selling the world class workstations from Apple Computers. RSG Spread the culture of ‘Calibrated Monitor’ in Indian Print and Graphics market. For this we have a strong tie up with Eizo Nanao Corporation, Japan who are the pioneers in making the True Color displays. Eizo is the first company to get FOGRA pre certification on displays. Recently we have tied up with SERENDIPITY for their Softproofing solution based on their product Veripress.

Recently RSG has tied up with Bodoni Systems, UK to promote their pressSIGN software, through this software one can ensure the press quality using various ISO standards or in-house standards. RSG also provide contract proofing solution with efi and epson. RSG brings just color booths for accurate viewing and Press room tools from Techkon, Germany. RSG’s workflow solutions are based on Alwan range of tools. RSG also entered into digital printing market with RICOH for their range of Digital Presses.

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